The Patio Ranch


Minimal Management:

A number of the Patio Ranch breeding programs are in a free-ranging environment. Minimal control is placed on breeding participants. Only selective culling of individuals displaying undesirable characteristics (e.g. regression due to old age, poor antler configuration or broken horns in the males, non-productive or post-productive females, poor physical condition, signs of disease, injury) is practiced. Members of the herd are sometimes tagged or marked but not kept in areas conducive to regular capture. The programs managed in this manner are Axis Deer, Blackbuck Antelope, Pure European Mouflon, Fallow Deer, Aoudad, 4-horn Sheep, Gemsbok, and the native White-tail Deer.

Intensive Management:

Three of the endangered species herds on the Patio Ranch and four other programs with rare animals are intensively managed. Selective breeding is practiced where only males with desired characteristics and traits are kept in the breeding areas. Any young male born to the breeding herd females is removed prior to their first birthday to prevent their participation in the breeding program. These non-breeding males, when removed from the breeding herd, are placed in a free-ranging situation with no access to the breeding environment. Genetic lines are monitored and any male or female possibly involved in the appearance of undesirable traits is removed from the program. Breeding males are replaced at planned intervals, generally with new sires unrelated to the herd. Most or all of these herds are tagged or marked for identification. The species managed in this manner are Addax Antelope, Arabian Oryx, Barasingha Deer, Manchurian Sika Deer, Markhor, Nubian Ibex, and Stumberg Sheep.