The Patio Ranch

About The Patio Ranch

The Friedrichs demonstrate the gentleness of longhorns.
Friedrich Bear Creek Breeding Farm.

The original ranch was established by Richard Friedrich of Friedrich Refrigeration in 1930. Due to the business downturn of the Great Depression, Mr. Friedrich moved his refrigeration company employees and their families to build his main lodge, rather than release them. Friedrich, a president of the San Antonio Zoological Society, also had a keen interest in wildlife.

His interest in wildlife led to the first stocking of foreign game species on the ranch in the early 1930s. These original species, several varieties of surplus animals purchased from the San Antonio Zoo and a high fence formed the first exotic game ranch in Texas.

In 1951, Eddie Richenbacker, the WWI Ace of Aces, purchased and expanded the ranch. He also brought hunters down from the Northeast to hunt the exotic game of Texas. In 1957, Richenbacker made a gift-sale of the ranch to the Boy Scouts. Part of the ranch was later resold to Mr. Friedrich.

In 1961, the ranch was purchased by H.E. Stumberg and his sons Louis and Edward. Today, Louis' children and grandchildren continue to steward this beautiful place. The ranch has been further expanded, and at present, comprises 1,855 acres and fourteen exotic game species.