The Patio Ranch

Hunting at the Patio Ranch

"I have hunted all over the world and I can assure you that the experience at the Patio Ranch…is high up on the list of top hunts. The beauty of the ranch, its accommodations, the high quality animals and the knowledge and experience demonstrated by you and Bryan are, most certainly, valuable assets. Mr. Stumberg has every right to be extremely proud of the ranch, its staff and its overall operation."
Jon C. Schultz
Director of Development
Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel & Restaurant Management


Today, deep in the Hill Country of Texas, the thrills of hunter, photographer and nature lover are preserved and nurtured at the first and one of the finest game ranches in the country, The Patio Ranch.

The Patio Ranch offers some of the most exclusive, world-class, fair chase hunting for exotics available in North America. As the only hunter or group on our private ranch, you will enjoy a beautiful trophy and memorable experience through a highly personalized hunt with an experienced wildlife biologist guide, historic accommodations and sharing of a rich hunting tradition. The exclusive and personalized nature of our hunting is ideal for couples, multi-generations and irst time hunters.

The Patio Ranch offers discerning hunters the opportunity to tell a very different hunting story.

A story of hunting a mature, trophy animal from our more than 14 species of exotics.

A story seasoned with a deeper knowledge of the game, their history and habits, along with anecdotes from great hunts past.

A story surrounded by industry pioneers, fighter pilots, family, a Depression-era Hunting Lodge, and a Texas Hill Country that effortlessly produces imagination-defying sunsets.

A story gleaned from a family and game manager whose knowledge of exotics, the lay of the land, proper hunt safety and technique, hospitality and having fun have been honed guiding hunters around the ranch for over 40 years.

Shared with good friends, a hunt at The Patio Ranch yields more than the thrill of the hunt. It’s a different kind of hunting story that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Reserve your story today—we look forward to seeing you soon!